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  • VTEM Image Show
  • Minor Surgery including excisions of skin Cancers (including melanomas, skin damage, skin lesions).  NewSkin Cancer Assessment Device to assess and photograph all skin cancers and take measurements and review by comparing changes over time- special appointments required for this.




surgeon image

  operation imagesurgeon operating image   operation theater image


  • Liquid Nitrogen for Skin treatments (cancers) 


    • liquid nitrogen treatmentliquid nitrogen





  • Managing Fractures in consultation with Orthopaedic specialists, with Plaster of Paris 
  • fibreglass cast








         Fiber glass Plastering   Download 3M fibreglass document

  • Fiberglass






  • Obstetrics / Antenatal Care (shared with obstetrician in Dubbo or elsewhere)


  • antenatal care








  • Child Immunizations provided for FREE 
  • child immunisation




  • Adult Immunizations (swine flu, whooping cough, tetanus etc)  
  • Travel Immunizations 

travel vaccinationstravel vaccinationtravel immunisation







travel immunisationtravel immunisation









  • Blood Tests – Warfarin can be done by skin pick, immediate results. 
  • blood test






  • Blood Tests – Chest Pain (troponin) Hemoglobin and full blood count. 


  • Therapeutic Venesection /for Hemochromatosis (iron overload)
  •  therapeutic venesectiontherapeutic venesection






  • ECG (electro cardiogram) for patients with chest pain. combined  with immediate Blood test to check for Heart Attack (Myocardial infarction).   










  • Pre-Employment Medicals, Inc. Hearing, Lung function, Breathing tests, Urine drug tests with immediate results.  
  • urine test

hearing test

hormone implant








  • Hormone Implant insertion and removal  
  • implanon removal





  • Pap Smears if required (with chaperone)