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Our services

Skin Cancer Clinics on Saturdays but excisions done on any day. Special Skin Cancer Detection device available for measuring and assessing and photogaphing skin cancers for comparison over time.Excision of Skin cancers and liquid nitrogen for other skin cancers and lesions.

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Scheduled Appointments

Patients are reminded that waiting times are unpredictable.Dr. Indra believes in providing comprehensive consultations to patients rather than a single complaint based consultations.


Appointment Updates

Receptionists will ring and advise you if there is any undue delay so that you can arrive at a later time to minimize waiting.

In an Order 

Patients will be seen in the following order: 1.Very Sick and Unwell 2. Booked patients in order of appointments. (Declaration signed) 3. Un-booked walk in patients 

Flexible appointment hours to suit your lifestyle!

We want to give you the service you need. When you need it, please contact us!

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